The man behind the craft.

We believe that the practice of hospitality has a profound impact on our lives and the people we care about. We strive to help create environments that are inviting and encourage community. Foster Design’s roots began with the discovery of an old abandoned bridge in Denver. Seeing such beauty in an unlikely place inspired a vision for preserving the history of the hundred year old bridge by creating a beautiful table from the reclaimed wood. By doing this, its legacy would continue, where endless meals and memories would be shared going forward.

That was the genesis for the creation of custom furnitire and artisitic design, integrating wood, steel, concrete and copper. We create each unique piece using locally obtained materials when possible and are designed in a way that tells a story and meets the unique needs of our clients.

Regan Foster lives in Denver with his wife, two dogs and numerous chickens. He works primarily in the Denver area, but has been commissioned to do work throughout the country.